Pretty Blue

by Snowblower

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I finished it, after like a year and a half of procrastinating. It's nice.


released May 17, 2012

Peter Barbatsis - Almost all the things except where noted in individual tracks.



all rights reserved


Snowblower Minneapolis, Minnesota

Debut album is out! I'll be working a lot more on making my music somewhat viable, I promise!

Feel free to tell your favorite blogs about me.

I still love you.

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Track Name: Street Light
He asked me if I loved him that night
I took too long to decide
He left me by the faint street light
In the dark of the night

I looked up at the street light,
I saw snowflakes just pass me by.
The bitter wind, it chills my eyes,
it asked me if I want to cry.
Track Name: Blizzard
I'm so cold, will you hold me?
I should run from the blizzard
Track Name: Shooting Stars
Flashes of light smaller than my hand
Brighter than the stars, a flying piece of sand.

How can I make my wish come true,
Lying in bed right beside you?

I have had a dream that I would travel far,
Shining in the sky like all these shooting stars.
Track Name: Madrid
They are gorgeous but I cannot look them in their eyes,
In my skull they've burned their gaze, so you know my memory's a haze

Misty vapors fill the dance floor,
my eyes cannot do what they are there for,
the machine above shoots lasers,
cutting through the fog like razors

I do not know how much longer I can go,
my feet still hurt from living in Toledo,
and I am only an innocent kid,
who's lost his ball somewhere in Madrid.

I could fly in the night,
I would see the flashing rainbow sign,
Search Madrid from the eyes of a dove,
and I would never find my love.
Track Name: Naughty Boys
I'm always afraid of Saturday Night,
I'm terrified of the neon lights.
I slip on the ice as I walk through the door,
and as an adult I shouldn't care anymore,

but then I see you, with sidewinders up your arms
and then I see you, and you start to work your charms!

Naughty boys might have Lady GaGa ringtones,
but naughty boys won't answer their goddamn cellphones.
Naughty boys might lust after you with hormones,
but naughty boys won't hold you after a quick bone.

I can't tell if you really like me or if you're just fuckin' around,
but when I feel your slimy hands all around my back and your fingers are slitherin'
all the way down, and I say!

Sound the alarms! The siren's at arms!
Didn't yo mama ever say to eat the lotus was wrong?
Sound the alarms! The siren's at arms!
Unplug your waxy ears and listen to my song!
Track Name: sKANKY fUNk
There ain't nothin' wrong with gettin' hammered while you nail,
Oh, it's my social therapy, it cures me without fail.
And there ain't nothing wrong with gettin' sloppy while you dance,
So tell me all your secrets, then remove your underpants!

I'm so drunk
(nothing wrong with that!)
I can't see
(nothing wrong with that!)
No one wants
(nothing wrong with that!)
To dance with me
(nothing wrong with that!)

Sometimes, when I get drunk, I feel that skanky funk!

Would you fuck me for a bottle?
If I gave you liquid sorrow, would you love me 'til tomorrow?
Track Name: Nightmare
I'm so sorry,
I'm so sorry for you
I'm so sorry for us
I'm so sorry for me
I'm so sorry for us
Give it more time,
You're such a great guy.

Won't you please wake up,
Wake up from your sleep?
Sleep in your nightmare,
Far is far too deep.
Track Name: Break the Wall
I don't know what they want from me,
I don't know anything 'bout chemistry.
All I know is the pain I feel, and you can help me make it real.
Because you want me, right?

I am so alive tonight,
take me home and we'll start a fight.

You're the only one who will brawl,
push me down just to feel me fall,
make me feel incredibly small,
or else I won't feel anything at all,
because you love me, right?

Break the wall with the side of my head,
Slam me down until I am dead,
You can't hurt me, babe.